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The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner 2.5 stars.

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After reading this, I felt so conflicted. As it's the end of the trilogy, I expected to feel more satisfied. And while I guess most of my questions were answered, that just wasn't enough.

I felt cheated so many times while reading. So many things that happened simply felt like excuses not to continue a plot line. I grew even more tired of Thomas being 'special' than I did in the second book.

The ending wasn't realistic and I feel that it ruined one of the main points of the series. Overall I was extremely disappointed and had hoped for so much better before reading. This is definitely my least favorite of the series and although the first and second books had some of these problems as well, they're bigger problems in a conclusion to a story.

That said, though, I didn't hate it. I don't regret reading the series, although I'm no longer positive I'll read the prequel. This book was enjoyable, but its flaws make it difficult for me to say I liked it. Half the reason I kept reading was in hopes that things would get better and be explained more, and instead I seemed to be let down over and over.