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Suspicion - Alexandra Monir

I received a free review copy of this book through Netgalley.


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As a child, Imogen visited England to visit her grandfather, a duke, and the rest of her family who lived in his manor. When a fire took the lives of her parents, uncle, and aunt, she left to live with family friends near her home in New York.

Imogen always felt a connection to the land at the manor. Before leaving, she grew a flower instantly with her touch, and watched fire flame from her own hand. Years later, in New York, she figures those powers she found so briefly were only a fluke.

It's only when she is brought back to the manor that she realizes how she missed it, and that she finds her powers again. But are they a blessing, or something to be afraid of?

As much as the beginning of the story leads up nicely to display the fantasy aspect, I can't say I would recommend this to someone looking for a fantasy read. In fact, the book felt very near to a contemporary. Personally, I felt the magical element was kind of a cheat - only coming up when useful, and coming up very conveniently at that.

Still, I enjoyed this story. I liked the writing style, even the slow pacing. It matched the story well. The end of the book really picked up, and the twists were great and unexpected.

In the end, I had a difficult time rating this book. While it was an enjoyable read, it did have it's problems. It left me with many questions, which is not a problem if the story will be continued - but I'm not sure whether that is the plan. Either way, I definitely think this one is worth reading. I will keep my fingers crossed that it'll be turned into a series, though!