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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell This book is definitely a favorite for me. It's one of those books that, right after I finished, I wanted to re-read.

I loved the characters. The main character, Cath, was realistic and easy to relate to. It was nice to read her thoughts and watch her grow throughout the story. At the beginning I expected a love triangle with her, Nick, and Levi, but I'm very glad there wasn't one.

The writing style was great, too. The little bits of the Simon Snow books and Cath's fanfiction were a great addition, although I wasn't too sure about them at first.

Another little thing that I liked was that Cath was a writer - and she thought like one. Whenever she began to overthink words or anything similar, I couldn't help but smile.

I also really like that Cath and her mother didn't make up. I kept expecting it to happen and it didn't feel realistic to me that her mom would change, so I'm glad she didn't.