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Perfect - Ellen Hopkins This was so great. It was hard to get into, knowing the ending and that the characters would be even more hurt by the end. I wished for more Vanessa and Tony, but what was in the book made me happy enough, at least seeing a bit more of an ending for them.
I do wish we got more of a story on Kendra's sister, what happened to her before, although I guess it's pretty clear it was her dad. I loved Kendra's story and kept feeling so bad for her knowing what would happen to Conner and how upset she'd be.
I was also really rooting for Andre and Jenna to be together, although I completely get why he had to step away from that. It would have hurt him too much, but I'm still going to imagine that she gets better and they get back together after this story finishes...
Sean really got on my nerves a lot but I guess that was the point. Makes me wonder if it was him or the steroids, since I really thought I liked him in the beginning - he didn't seem quite so bad at the very end, either.
I adored Shiloh although I think she's way too sweet to be with Kendra's dad; he was a complete jerk and she made too many excuses for him.
Cara was amazing as well, I loved how she broke out of the expectations everyone had, especially her parents. She needed to, if she wasn't going to go down the same path as Conner.
Overall I loved this so, so much. A couple things bothered me and I would have liked a more complete ending, maybe a little more to show where they ended up. But all the characters were so interesting, and I know after reading two books that I'll definitely be checking out more of Ellen Hopkins' writing.