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This is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith This is such a cute book. It begins when movie star Graham Larkin mistakenly emails a girl named Ellie O'Neall. They begin talking until, for his newest movie, he demands they film in Maine where Ellie lives.

Ellie had no way to know she was emailing Graham Larkin. Due to her own past, there are big reasons she should not be involved with a big star like him - but she can't seem to stay away.

I really loved these characters. Graham is a movie star, but before talking to Ellie he spent most days inside his house with his pet pig. And Ellie just has so much courage; she's so strong through everything that happens to her.

The side characters were just as great, too. I loved the roles of the parents, both Ellie's and Graham's, but especially Ellie's mom. She really does want what's best for Ellie and it's nice to see that. I loved Ellie's best friend as well; she was just so understanding.

Overall, this was a very light read but I enjoyed it a lot. I feel everything that happened was very realistic, which is nice given the slim chance that Graham and Ellie would meet in the first place. I feel everything was paced nicely, and the ending was just perfect.