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Book Review: Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty

Blue Notes - Carrie Lofty

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This book was so easy to read. It was really nice and exactly what I had been looking for. The fast pace is enough to keep things interesting and I was hooked from the first couple pages.

Keeley was such a great character. Some bits, especially at the beginning, felt dramatic and she was definitely self-pitying due to her past. The thing I really enjoyed though, was her development at the end. She was so strong and I was amazed at the things she would face to do what she felt was right.

The romance was great as well, if fairly predictable at points. It was a bit more graphic than I expected, and gave more detail on their love life than I thought it would – then again, I went into this without knowing much. Until I read the first few chapters, I thought it was a YA book.

I enjoyed the friendships in this book. They could have been developed more, but it was refreshing to see them grow so easily. Keeley met two girls at the beginning of the story, and by the end she was calling them her best friends – and that didn’t feel forced.

Overall I think this was a nice, lighter read. Although it deals with some heavy subjects, especially involving the characters’ pasts, it is fast-paced and very easy to read through.