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Perfect - Ellen Hopkins This was so great. It was hard to get into, knowing the ending and that the characters would be even more hurt by the end. I wished for more Vanessa and Tony, but what was in the book made me happy enough, at least seeing a bit more of an ending for them.
I do wish we got more of a story on Kendra's sister, what happened to her before, although I guess it's pretty clear it was her dad. I loved Kendra's story and kept feeling so bad for her knowing what would happen to Conner and how upset she'd be.
I was also really rooting for Andre and Jenna to be together, although I completely get why he had to step away from that. It would have hurt him too much, but I'm still going to imagine that she gets better and they get back together after this story finishes...
Sean really got on my nerves a lot but I guess that was the point. Makes me wonder if it was him or the steroids, since I really thought I liked him in the beginning - he didn't seem quite so bad at the very end, either.
I adored Shiloh although I think she's way too sweet to be with Kendra's dad; he was a complete jerk and she made too many excuses for him.
Cara was amazing as well, I loved how she broke out of the expectations everyone had, especially her parents. She needed to, if she wasn't going to go down the same path as Conner.
Overall I loved this so, so much. A couple things bothered me and I would have liked a more complete ending, maybe a little more to show where they ended up. But all the characters were so interesting, and I know after reading two books that I'll definitely be checking out more of Ellen Hopkins' writing.


Impulse - Ellen Hopkins This was so good, but the end was really sad. I kept hoping for Connor to recover but I got the feeling it wasn't happening. It would have been unrealistic for him to be better by the end of the book, but still the jump took me by surprise. I loved his character and wished the best for him, same for Tony and Vanessa.

Overall it was fantastic, really well written. The twists mostly seemed expected to me, like Tony and Vanessa, although there was a bit if surprise still, and i was definitely excited that they were together. I enjoyed learning the characters pasts and seeing them go through the story. Only wish Connor's could have ended different.

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson This is about Amy and Roger, who go on a road trip when Roger drives her to move in with her mother, who she hasn't seen in a month. Amy's mother has the entire trip planned out but Amy and Roger decide to take a detour, which involves going places completely different from schedule - and eventually to places that aren't even on the way.

Throughout the road trip Amy and Roger get to know each other, and she also meets several other characters who, while they play small parts, are very interesting. It was nice to see Amy open up over the course of the book and to see her relationship with Roger develop.

I stayed up late to finish this book (until one in the morning!) and definitely didn't regret it. To me it was a bit of a slow start, but once I got into the story I was hooked. I loved the little bits and pictures, and how the state mottos were incorporated into the book.

Overall I love it, would recommend it to anyone, and have given it 5 stars. It was perfect.

The One You Love

The One You Love - Paul  Pilkington At first I wasn't sure about this, but I'm so glad I continued reading. The mystery of who took Dan kept me guessing the whole time, and whenever I thought I knew for sure who did it something else would happen. The story was so great and I loved the ending - it was perfect.

I think the only thing that bothered me about the book was the writing style. By that I mostly mean dialogue - sometimes it just didn't flow or feel like what people would actually say.

Overall though it was fantastic, and the fact that iBooks had it for free just made it that much better!

Gimme a Call

Gimme a Call - Sarah Mlynowski This was very cute and fun to read. I loved Devi at both ages, as a freshman and a senior. Although she annoyed me at some points, especially as a senior, which I think is what slowed down my reading for awhile. but I did really love the way it was all pulled together at the end, it ended a bit different than I expected which was good. It felt like a perfect ending for the book, too.

The emotions from Devi were great as well, and I felt sorry for her so many times, and happy for her too. Bryan also seemed really sweet and was one of my favorite characters, even if there wasn't too much of him. I kept rooting for Frosh to just go with it and date him already.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett I really loved this book. Each character felt so real and I felt for all of them. This was also my first attempt at an audiobook, though I cheated a little at the beginning by reading the chapters in an ebook instead.

The character development was so good in this book, and the kids felt so real I kept thinking how adorable they were. I loved the idea of the secret garden and of Dickon and his animals. I was rooting for Colin to be better the whole way and even felt for his dad and Dickon's mom, although they weren't there through most of the story. Of course I also loved Mary, and seeing her learn so much.

This is definitely one of my favorites, and I'm a little sorry it took me so long to get into reading it.